Due Dates: All due dates are estimates right now

Poetry Slam Day: Wednesday March 30th and Thursday March 31stReading Assessment: To be determined. Most likely Friday April 1st. All poetry finished by Tuesday March 29th. We are watching your videos and displaying your things on this day! Don't be late.
This unit is about rediscovering the beauty, imagination and awesomeness of poetry. I want this to be relevant to you and how we see poetry today. It's not necessarily about Haiku, Shakespeare, and rhyming, but whatever you want, in a form that you want. Consider this contemporary (meaning belonging to this time period) poetry.


As with all units there are speaking, listening, reading and writing components. Each one is important and each one has the potential to be marked (actually, all of this is probably going to marked in some way)

1. You will create three publishable poems. This may be of any length and represents something that is meaningful to you. After the poem, please write what your poem means and why it was important for you. Both the poem and the write up are important so please do not write only a few words with very little meaning. Please feel free to be as creative as you wish. You can create this poem in any way including song, video, art or just about anything. This will have to be different than the symbolism poem below.
-An oral poem (in the style of a poetry slam) - The length of this poem is necessarily long. You will present this poem on poetry slam day. At that time I will mark your poem. Length: 2-3 minutes. You must memorize this
- Symbolism Poem - This poem needs to have a written and an artistic component to it. The artistic part could be a picture, an animation, a sculpture or whatever. The artistic part is the interpretation of the poem. A brief description will be necessary to describe what you have created and why. Bonus points for making this look amazing

2. Interpretation
- You (and a partner, if you so wish) are to create a computer-based interpretation of a poem. You may interpret the poem using a combination of symbols and words. The length and poem are up to you. Bonus points on the best one created
- Interpret a favorite song/poem- Written explanation. The key idea here is to explain all the symbols, metaphors and ideas. Please tell me why this poem has meaning for you. Use a video making program to play the song and have the written interpretation in the background
-A written in-class assessment towards the end of the unit. Most likely, I will give you a favorite song/poem of mine.

3. Oral/Listening You will read your poetry slam poem day. Three days before poetry slam day, students will need to submit their poem to the teacher to inspect. You will then have three days to practice, one of which will be in front of a camera. Students will then watch themselves on the video and critique themselves. Rubrics to follow.


Poetry Slam & Personal Poem Assessment Poetry Slam Oral Presentation Rubric
Poetry slam presentations allow students to read their own poems with emotion, gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Typically, the poet will have his/her poem totally memorized and will be able to present from memory. This is an expectation of this activity (Do the absolute best you can! Note cards are acceptable if necessary.) When you go to a concert, the lead singer don't read the music, do they?

Categories & Criteria

Eye Contact
Addressing the audience. Not reading.

Verbal Cues
Tone, pace, volume, intended pauses.

Non-Verbal Cues
Gestures, facial expressions, body language.

Positive energy, speaking animatedly, avoiding monotone.

Showing rehearsal and practice. Planning is very evident.

Pauses & Prompts
Points deducted for long pauses to remember and prompts.

On a scale of 0 to 8, How awesome was the poem?

Please watch a video of yourself PRIOR to the poetry slam day. The video should be spoken by memory. Please reflect in three or more sentences for each question. Hand this in to Mr. Arca when you are finished. This will be out of one mark. You did it or didn’t. You must provide video evidence. Due two days before the slam.

What did you like about your slam?

What would a successful slam look like on slam day?

What specific things will you do from now until the slam day will you do to improve your slam?