Dance Unit
Part of the coordinated rhythmic unit of the grade 8 and 9 curriculum:

Students will do a minimum three minute dance that coordinates learned dance skills.
Students will be in groups of three people (group dance) or a partnered dance. No one person may be left out and a group may be asked to include a student

Mr. Arca will approve all music prior to presenting. English music only!

The grade is out of /10

Marks will be given for coordination (4), creativity (2), and body and facial expressions (4).
An extra bonus mark will be given to one group who best shows the ideas of dance.

-1 or -2 for non-English music
-1 for music not approved by Mr. Arca
-2 or -3 for poor attitude to dance at any point of the unit (warnings will be given)
-1 or -2 for non-contribution to the team effort (complaints will be taken seriously)!
-2 for not two and a half minutes

This is meant to be a fun unit and one where Mr. Arca does not have headaches or people complaining about dance. I don’t want to hear it so please keep it to yourself.

Try and have fun!