20-30 Minute Chemistry Demonstrations

Presentations Date. Wednesday, May 18th during LA time

Why: Explain your understanding of Matter

How: On May 18th, you have a total of 20-30 minutes to demonstrate four things (one or two items in each of the three sections)

Section I (pick four)
Not Matter
Pure Substances
Heterogenous Mixtures
Homogenous Mixtures

Section II (pick three from physical AND two from hemical properties of matter) Actually show what it means!
Physical Properties:
colour, ductility, malleability, density, boiling point, melting point, conductivity, crystalline structure, brittleness, magnetism, solubility, viscosity, hardness, state, lustre
Chemical Properties:
Flammability, corrosion and reactions with acid

Section III (show the difference)
Physical vs Chemical Change

Section IV (this can be a drama or video or what ever....ice to water to vapour is boring)
Kinetic Molecular Theory in Action

This is a PEER MARKING assignment

Peers will mark on:
40%: Creativity- How well do the students show uniqueness, art and visual aspects? Did students show an interesting way to demonstrate their understanding
20%: Science-Was the science correct? Are all aspects of the four sections complete
40%- Demonstrations - How were the demonstrations? Did they WOW the audience? Did great? Good? Just Ok? Or Awful

Deduction points:

-1 point for major safety issues
-1 point for fooling around in the lab
-.5 for breaking lab equipment
-.5 for minor safety issues (not wearing lab coats and goggles when they are needed)