Learning Fair
For more information on the learning fair, please click the link:

The learning fair came about with the idea that the best learning comes from teaching. As grade 9 students, we already know the tips and tricks that will help us succeed in our education. Or, perhaps we don't.

This is an opportunity to teach each other, learn from one another and become better life-long learners.

A few rules:
- You must research at least six articles
- You must create a Reference page
- You must interview at least one person and create a transcript of that interview. The interview will have two sets of questions and two that you make up based on what they have said.
Please review the interview questions plus who you are going to interview with Mr. Arca before you begin.
- Follow the writing process and have either Mr. Krahn, Ms. Cho or Mr. Max give you a piece of paper to say they have edited with you. This must be done after you self-edit.
- Have one group listen to your presenation and give you feedback.

You will do four things:
1. Create a poster board
2. Give a presentation
3. Put the presenation on both your websites.
4. All writings must be on your website

With each of these things, you will be marked with creativity, beauty, information and preparedness.

DO NOT READ WHILE PRESENTING. Only pictures and a title is allowed on a slide. No more than six words per slide!!!!

The learning Fair is on Wednesday, November 18th. Good luck.

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